Free COVID-19 Test Kits in Plymouth – where you can get yours

Free Test Kits Plymouth – where you can get yours

Plymouth City Councils’ mobile testing team will be visiting new locations around the city over the coming weeks to hand out free COVID-19 test kits.

Everyone in England is being encouraged to take two rapid COVID-19 tests a week.  Regular testing helps identify variants and stops individual cases from becoming outbreaks.

Even if you don’t have any symptoms rapid testing is an essential part of easing restrictions, alongside the roll-out of the vaccine.

You can pick up your test kits at the Place de Brest in the city centre. They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Staff will be available to offer assisted testing as well as handing out home testing kits. Each test kit box contains seven individual tests.  This should provide one person three and a half weeks supply, when testing twice a week.

The Councils’ team will also be handing out free COVID-19 testing kits at these sites:

Sunday 27 June: Barbican Leisure Car Park

Monday 28 June: Tesco Roborough

Tuesday 29 June: Plymstock Broadway

Thursday 1 July: Freedom Fields Park

Friday 2 July: Mutton Cove Car Park

Sunday 4 July: The Hoe

All sites are operational 10 am to 3 pm.

The cities network of libraries are also available for picking up home testing kits, but tests themselves will not take place at these locations.All of the city’s pharmacies also now stock the testing kits and you can also order them online or through 119 to have a kit delivered to your home.

For more information visit www.plymouth.gov.uk/gettested

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