West End Health and Wellbeing Centre – feedback survey

West End Health and Wellbeing Centre  – feedback survey Share your views and ideas to help make a great new health and wellbeing facility in the West End of Plymouth. The NHS and Plymouth City Council want to build a new health and wellbeing centre near Colin Campbell Court.

In recent years, Plymouth City Council has outlined its hopes for a health facility in the area. The council has teamed up with the NHS in Devon, led by NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, to take the project forward Many other local partners, including from the voluntary and community sector, are also involved in developing plans for the project.

The centre will include a range of services all under one roof in a convenient location. The aim of the centre will be to helping to prevent illness and encourage people to lead longer healthier lives. Local people have until 4 July 2021, to share their views. All responses are anonymous. You can complete the feedback form here

What could go in the building?

The project team is developing a ‘model of care’ for the centre, which sets out which services will be based there. As part of this process, data and information about the needs of the local population, and the services local people use, are being taken into account. Insight from local people will also play a key role.

The health and wellbeing centre project team has considered the outcomes of previous engagement and consultation work in Plymouth, local data on service use and demographics, and run informal workshops with local partners to draw up initial ideas for the services the centre could hold. Current thinking on potential services for the building includes:

  • General practice (GP) services
  • Weight management and smoking cessation
  • District and practice nursing
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Mental health services
  • Drug and alcohol treatment
  • Advice and information services
  • Debt assistance and housing support
  • Access to training and employment
  • Volunteer support

It’s not just social care and health needs being considered. A digital inclusion hub – a place for those who do not have access to their own computer or need a hand or training to access online services is also being considered.

Wider benefits of this new centre could be a reduction in unplanned and emergency services as well as a boost to out-of-hospital care and are more joined-up approach to services.

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