Dale Princess of Wales Challenge 2021

The Diana Princess of Wales Challenge 2021

The Diana Princess of Wales Challenge 2021
The Diana Princess of Wales Challenge will take place on Sunday 5th September 2021. Hosted by Plymouth Mayflower Rotary Club this event offers differently-abled people the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of sailing. All the participating yachts will be helmed and crew by highly skilled yacht owners and their crews.
For those of you who would rather ‘watch the sailing, close up’ there is also the opportunity to follow the yachts on board motor-powered boats. You can also watch the sailing from the comfort of the Royal Western Yacht Club.
Event Details
If you wish to participate you need to:-
  • Arrive at Queen Annes Battery at 1 pm and
  • Meet outside the Royal Western Yacht Club.
  • A member from Plymouth Rotary will meet you, (and your carer should you have one). They will take your details and introduce you to the helmsman and crew of the boat you will be going on.
  • The sailing challenge will take start at 2 pm and conclude at 4 pm.
  • Plymouth Rotary will provide refreshments, and a commemorative medal will be presented to everyone who takes part in the pursuit challenge.
  • Parking is normally free. However, we recommend you contact the Marina at Queen Anne’s Battery and check.
  • Friends carers and families are welcome to attend.
This is a very popular event. If you want to take part or need more information, we recommend you contact:
  • Rotarian Tony Gattward t:  01752  252727    m:   07788  666620
  • Alternatively, you can email Tony at tonygattward@aol.com.

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Diana Princess of Wales