Shelbie Talbot

Shelbie is 26 years old and has particular interests in dancing, cooking, art and music. Shelbie's favourite movie is Grease.

Shelbie was an active participant in our day services at Yourway for several years. Recognising the evolving needs and aspirations of Shelbie and her family, they expressed a keen interest in transitioning to supported living. Today, Shelbie resides in a Yourway supported living house, sharing her home with her fiancé, Mark, and other friends, all benefiting from the dedicated support of our compassionate staff.

This supportive environment has proven instrumental in Shelbie's personal growth and development, as she has blossomed into a remarkably independent individual. Embracing the opportunities afforded by her new living arrangement, Shelbie thoroughly enjoys her home and the companionship she shares with Marc.

The success of her flourishing journey is a testament to the transformative impact of Yourway's supported living services, fostering independence, and creating a nurturing environment for individuals like Shelbie to thrive.

"I love yourways clubs and activities and all the staff that support me and I love my new house." - Shelbie Talbot