About Yourway

We are a Plymouth-based organisation dedicated to supporting people living with learning disabilities, mental difficulties and early-stage dementia – through care and support packages, short breaks and respite, and a range of groups and activities.

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A team united by a vision to transform lives for the better

The important services Yourway deliver are made possible only through of the hard work and compassion of our team. Here are the brilliant people who make Yourway work:

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Shelbie Talbot

Shelbie is 26 years old and has particular interests in dancing, cooking, art and music. Shelbie's favourite movie is Grease.

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Built to help

Yourway has run for over 25 years and we draw on a wealth of knowhow and resources. The people who run our services are skilled, trusted mental health care practitioners. And our studio and respite house in Plymouth are set up with the needs of our clients considered first and foremost.

So whatever learning disability or mental health condition our clients live with, we have the experience and expertise to respond to their needs with confidence and understanding.

Client centred

Our vision is to help create a society where people are treated as equals, regardless of ability. We believe in supporting people to enjoy a life where they have choice and as much independence as possible – with every opportunity to be healthy, happy and actively engaged in society.

This can’t happen with one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why we work to tailor every service to individual needs and aspirations. We listen to what our clients want and we do everything we can to help them to achieve it.

Brian is 49 years old, he loves taking part in our group activities, meeting new people and making friends.

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