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You can find a menu of services designed to support those living with learning disabilities in and around Plymouth. Through our essential care provisions to events and activities, we’re here to help people live independent, safe and enriching lives.

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Shelbie Talbot

Shelbie is 26 years old and has particular interests in dancing, cooking, art and music. Shelbie's favourite movie is Grease.

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A supportive community

At Yourway, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the full and to play an active part in society. Our teams are committed to empowering people living with learning disabilities across Plymouth and beyond to do just that. We listen to clients’ individual challenges and needs and provide effective and personalised support.

So whether we’re helping a client with regular personal assistance at home, or a client and their family is visiting our Plymouth studio for respite or to develop skills, you can be confident that they’ll feel listened to and understood.

Get connected through our events

Our regular events, both at our Plymouth studio and out in the community, are a fantastic opportunity to have fun, learn new skills and access support. Join us for rewarding experiences in a safe, positive setting.

No upcoming events have been listed at this time. Check back later for updates.
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We also run regular day Services

Our day services are a source of consistency and comfort formany of our clients. These recurring programmes of activities provide a dependable part of people’s routines and a chance to engage, learn and connecton a regular basis.

Everyone needs a break

Looking after someone with complex needs is a demanding role. Our short breaks give people living with mental disability, and their families and carers, a change of routine and a much-needed rest. Breaks can be arranged with or without the person in care – either way, our support services take on the care duties during the trip away.

Brian Hodgins

Brian is 49 years old, he loves taking part in our group activities, meeting new people and making friends.

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Short Breaks

Everyone needs a break away from the routine from time to time. For carers of people with disabilities, this can be especially important – it can be a highly challenging role that demands a huge amount of your time and energy. We can organise trips away that meet the specific needs of the person you care for, and get you where you want to be.

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For clients who live at home or with family in Plymouth, our enablement service can step in where additional support is needed. This can involve helping with domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning and managing finances. We can also help with activities out in the community, like shopping or attending groups – building skills and boosting confidence along the way.

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Supported Living

As an adult, having a home of your own provides comfort, freedom and self-esteem. But for many people living with mental disability or mental health difficulties, the challenges can be too big. Yourway works with people in Plymouth to bridge the gap in their domestic needs – providing day-to-day support to help them live successfully in their own home.

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Taking care of a person with mental health needs can be an exhausting role. Respite allows you to get away overnight – to stay at our dedicated respite house in Plymouth, or at a location you choose. Our team provides care and support, giving carers or parents of clients a break from their responsibilities and a much-needed rest.

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Explore how Yourway has helped others

At Yourway, we have bags of experience in helping in situations like yours. While the needs of individuals are always different, we bring the same compassion and dedication to every role. Find out about the positive impact our services have had on the lives of our clients and their carers and families.

Shelbie's Story

Shelbie is 26 years old and has particular interests in dancing, cooking, art and music. Shelbie's favourite movie is Grease.

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