Short Breaks

A chance to get away and relax in different surroundings, and take a break from caring duties.


Short holidays for families that deserve a rest

Everyone needs a break away from the routine from time to time. For carers of people with disabilities, this can be especially important – it can be a highly challenging role that demands a huge amount of your time and energy. We can organise trips away that meet the specific needs of the person you care for, and get you where you want to be.

Flexible options

There are numerous possibilities for planning a short breakthrough Yourway. We can organise a stay in a hotel or a holiday park. It might be a family trip to a theme park or a visitor attraction of your choice. It maybe for one night, or perhaps a break for a few days.

We can arrange for you to travel with your person in your care, with care support in place for them. Or you may feel that you need a break without them for a couple of days, in which case we can set up care cover during your time away.

The locations our short breaks cover

We can arrange for you to go to a destination in Devon, or farther afield in the UK, as your needs allow. You can request a location or ask our staff to suggest places they know work well.

Trips away without the person in your care

In some cases, you might need a full break from your caring role to fully rest and recover. We can arrange to meet the full needs of the person in your care while you are away – but it’s important to be accessible in case of emergency.

Free short break entitlement

If you think you might be entitled to a funded short break, contact your local authority for an assessment – or ask during your carer’s assessment or the care assessment for the person you support.

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