Day Services

Our Day Services provide a safe and stimulating environment where people with learning disabilities can socialise, learn new skills and access support. They take place at our Plymouth studio and are a valued part of many people’s weekly routine.

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A woman painting a picture in The Studio.

Friendly groups with a rich variety of activities

Our regular day groups provide an excellent opportunity for those with learning disabilities or mental health issues to meet people and form friendships. They also involve a diverse mix of activities and training – from taking part in creative pursuits to building essential life skills.

Explore our current timetable below to see if we have a group that’s a good fit for you or for a person in your care.

Events Calendar
Never miss an event with our events calendar

As well as our regular day service groups, we also host lots of one-off events. Take a look at our calendar to see what’s coming up.

No Day Services are available on this day.
No Day Services are available on this day.
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