Cook Club

10:00 AM
04:00 PM

Cook Club is tailored for individuals with learning disabilities, mental health challenges, and early-stage dementia, providing opportunities to enhance kitchen independence.

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About the Studio

Cook Club is designed for people with a learning disability, mental health difficulties and early stage dementia. We can offer you opportunities designed to improve peoples independence in the kitchen, and how to prepare health meals; through positive learning, making choices, planning , managing a budget and through learning practical and simple cooking skills.

Where is this service

We provide this service at our Cook Club in Peverell. We tailor your support to maximise your cooking skills, independence , wellbeing and quality of life, in a way that suits you.

Accessing our services

To find out if you are entitled to access Cook Club, you should contact your local authority for an assessment, or ask during your carer's assessment or the care assessment of the person you support.

You can also access Cook Club using a personal budget, or by paying with private funds.