Supported Living


‘Choosing where to live and who to live with for is a fundamental part of feeling in control of your life’ 

Supported Living

At Yourway we support people with live however and wherever they choose, often helping them move from the family home or residential care into their own place or a house shared with friends.

We’ll support you in finding accommodation with local housing associations and private landlords that’s suited to your needs, or can easily be adapted to meet them.

Moving into your own home for the first time? We’ll help to make sure you understand the details of your tenancy agreements and paying rent. We can also support you to move, and to work out what support you’ll need to live in your own home.

Personalised assistive technology
Being able to do things yourself is important, putting you in control of your life and helping you be an active member of your community.

We will work closely with you – to identify any areas where personalised technology may help you to live more independently, safely and easily.

Personalised technology can take many forms, whether it’s in a gadget that reminds you to close the fridge door, or a mobile phone application to show you where to catch the bus without a member of staff.

Finding the right staff support for you is important. It’s not just about finding someone that does a good job, but finding someone who shares the same interests and enjoys the same things you do.

That’s why at Yourway we take time to make sure that we find the staff to suit you.

Personal care
We’re registered as a domiciliary care provider, meaning we provide personal care.

We take the standard of care and support we offer very seriously.  All our supported living accommodation is run to meet the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who regulate care provision in England.